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Terry M. Brei

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About Terry M. Brei

I am the Electromechanical Manager at Sure Controls with a passion for delivering smiles to receive smiles. At Sure Controls we are passionate about helping keep Manufacturers competitive in the United States, specifically in the great state of WI. We have an extensive team of highly qualified experts looking to help improve safety, quality, and, efficiency. Our core competencies are focused on applications & markets requiring Thermal Process Control, Web Handling, and Robotics & Motion Control. My passion for automation extends into my passions for anything with an engine, running, and most importantly spending time with my family.

What is Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation is the use of control systems, such as computers or robots, and information technologies for handling different processes and machineries in an industry to replace a human being. It is the second step beyond mechanization in the scope of industrialization. Increase Quality and Flexibility in Your Manufacturing Process Earlier the purpose of automation [...]

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Why Calibration of Your Measuring Instruments is Important

What is calibration? Calibration is a comparison between a known measurement (the standard) and the measurement using your instrument. Typically, the accuracy of the standard should be ten times the accuracy of the measuring device being tested. However, accuracy ratio of 3:1 is acceptable by most standards organizations. Calibration of your measuring instruments has two [...]

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How to Select a Company for Your Stepper Motor Repair

Let us help teach you how to select a company for your stepper motor repair. What is a Stepper Motor? A stepper motor is an electromechanical device that achieves mechanical movements from conversion of electrical pulses. Rather than continuously applied voltage it is driven by digital pulses. In contrast to the conventional electric motors which [...]

By | August 13th, 2013|Articles|Comments Off on How to Select a Company for Your Stepper Motor Repair

What to do when a blown trigger goes unnoticed

The Problem: Blow Plug trigger going unnoticed; a blow plug is a safety device that relieves excess pressure in an extrusion process.  It prevents catastrophic failure of the barrel. What happens: The problem occurs in a line running multiple layers of film at one time.  The plug blows, the plastic is expelled on to the [...]

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How low pressure transducers work

A pressure transducer is a measuring device which converts an applied pressure into an electrical signal. Generally, a pressure transducer consists of two parts, an elastic material which deforms under the application of pressure and an electrical part which detects this deformation. How low pressure transducers work Depending on the range of pressures to be [...]

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