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What to consider before you purchase a linear motion actuator

A linear motion actuator is a device that creates motion in a straight line. It has applications ranging from industrial machineries to computer accessories. These linear motion actuators are classified on the basis of how it creates the linear motion. Types of Linear Motion Actuators Mechanical linear actuator- it generates linear displacement from a rotary [...]

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Your profits are off and costs must be lowered, now what?

The Problem: Your profits are off - costs must be lowered Your efforts miss the mark when they focus on areas that don’t deliver the needed return on the investment.  Initiatives are launched by guessing where the real problems are in your manufacturing process.  Data is costly to collect.  Accuracy is suspect.  Bottom Line: Waste [...]

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RTD vs Thermocouple – What’s the difference?

What is the difference between and a resistance temperature detector (RTD)  and a thermocouple?  Both RTDs and thermocouples are sensors used to measure heat in scales such as Fahrenheit and Kelvin. Such devices are used in a broad range of applications and settings, often presenting people with the dilemma of choosing to use either RTDs [...]

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NIST Traceable Calibration

Who is NIST and what do they do? NIST traceable calibration is an assurance program that certifies that a laboratory or manufacturer is fully equipped to calibrate equipment to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards and that any products offered by that manufacturer will match those NIST-maintained measurement standards. It means that the thermometer [...]

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Infrared Temperature Sensors

Infrared temperature sensors sense electromagnetic waves in the 700 nm to 14,000 nm range. While the infrared spectrum extends up to 1,000,000 nm, IR temperature sensors do not measure above 14,000 nm. These sensors work by focusing the infrared energy emitted by an object onto one or more photodetectors. These photodetectors convert that energy into [...]

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