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What Are Collaborative Robots?

By: Roger Mahler My first experience with robots was in High School; in the mid 1980’s our Industrial arts teacher had purchased a 2 axis pneumatic robot kit. It was made of machined aluminum plate and was controlled by air solenoids fired by an Apple IIe computer.  The available actions were axis 0 (base)rotated horizontally [...]

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Demystifying Automated Data Acquisition – Part One

By Ken Gifford Whenever I am presenting on this topic, I have a little video I like to show. In the video, we see a man driving a cement truck. He seems happy and content with his work while he sits at the stop light. He glances down at a photograph of his wife taped [...]

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What to do when a blown trigger goes unnoticed

The Problem: Blow Plug trigger going unnoticed; a blow plug is a safety device that relieves excess pressure in an extrusion process.  It prevents catastrophic failure of the barrel. What happens: The problem occurs in a line running multiple layers of film at one time.  The plug blows, the plastic is expelled on to the [...]

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How to Resolve a Heater Failure

The Problem: Heater failure in a manufacturing process that required precise heat control. What happens: Undetected, product produced may fail to meet quality standards and become scrap.  Add to that the lost production time to re-make the poor quality and you have an expensive problem. How to Resolve a Heater Failure: Sure Controls can install [...]

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