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Looking for Smart Collaborative Robotics? Sure Controls is the Wisconsin based distributor of Rethink Robotics.

Rethink Robotics was founded with the intent of providing an entirely new type of automation to manufacturers. Their mission was to make robotics more accessible, usable, and practical than they’ve ever been before. In doing so, they have pioneered a new class of robot that is safe to work next to people, without the use of safety cages or curtains. Contact Sure Controls  to have one of our robotic experts help understand your application needs.

Their industry-leading Intera software platform and patented compliant motion control are just two of the ways Rethink continues to define the category of “collaborative robotics.”

Smart Collaborative Robots Are The Answer

However, not all collaborative robots are created equal. Choosing a robot that offers exactly what you need now, and will be able to learn and adapt to your needs in the future, without disrupting your workflow, is vital in ensuring you enjoy the very best return on investment.
So what can a smart, collaborative robot from Rethink Robotics do for you?

Rethink Robotics offers a family of collaborative robots:


Sawyer is the newest addition to the family. It offers advanced performance, with greater speed and precision in a greatly reduced footprint than Baxter. Sawyer is precise to 0.1mm, and can handle payloads of over 8 pounds (4kg). Sawyer itself is light and manoeuvrable – weighing just 19kg. Its versatility, and long reach make it ideally suited to more complex tasks such as machine tending, light assembly and test & inspections.

While suited to different specialties, both robots ship with the same high performance core features: compliant arms, 7 degrees of freedom, embedded vision and the unique Intera software platform. Contact Us to have one of our robotic experts help understand your application needs.

Sawyer GE Testimonial

Steelcase Sawyer Testimonial

Check Out Sawyer’s Capabilities Performed at Sure Controls

Sure Controls Demonstrateds Sawyer & External Vision Inspection
Sure Controls Demonstrates Sawyer's Robot Positioning - Ease Of Deployment

Sure Controls Demonstrates Sawyer Electric Gripper
Sure Controls Demonstrates Sawyer Vacuum Gripper Part Inspection

Sawyer’s Applications


Baxter is a low-cost, dual arm robot that introduced the world to the concept of collaborative robotics. Baxter is inherently safe to work with, enables a revolutionary train by demonstration approach and can handle payloads of up to 5 pounds (2.3kg). It is ideally suited to a wide variety of tasks – including packing, line loading, and material handling.

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