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Control Panels Built Your Way

An OEM customer came to us highly frustrated. Their business philosophy centers on doing what their customers need. They had been engaged in a control panel project with another supplier that simply wasn’t a fit. The other supplier wanted to do things their way, even if it added to the cost. After three months of [...]

Partnership with OEM leader quickly produces innovative solution

The Problem: An OEM of drying solutions had a client using an existing machine in which a critical process was not optimally performing. A new, more efficient process needed to be designed and implemented quickly, as lengthy production delays for already sold orders were an imminent possibility for the client. The Solution: Working side-by-side with [...]

Say Cheese: Multi-process control system for mozzarella cheese production

photo courtesy of Johnson Industries A food production equipment manufacturer asked Sure Controls to develop a control system for managing the precise processes required for manufacturing mozzarella. To ensure both mozzarella quality and optimal manufacturing productivity, there must be continuous control of both the volume and mix of the liquids used, including the [...]

Save Energy with Variable Frequency Drives

The Problem: Many factories operate electric motors to move air, run compressors or operate pumps to name a few. Traditionally these motors are on or off and run at full speed. Frequent stops and starts reduce motor life. The Solution: The mechanical applications needed to control outcomes are expensive and hard to maintain in the [...]

7% Reduction in Overall Waste

The Problem: A continuous operation necessarily contains multiple moving parts, working like gears in a machine. Unlike industrial machinery, the gears are not in touch with each other, but still must mesh in quick and perfect synchronicity. In this case study, the customer knew from end-of-month measures that waste, too much waste, was being produced. [...]

Plant Information System

Developing plant information systems enabled this customer to meet all critical deliveries while shutting down a line saving over $65,000 a month in utility costs alone!  Information can provide a competitive advantage. If you want more information on this solutions call us at: (877) 298-2258

Fire in a Thermoforming Operation Destroys Parts

The Problem: Over 100 heaters were lost in a weekend fire. The Solution: The customer called Sure Controls. We had what they needed in stock and Sure Controls arranged for same day delivery. The Result: Downtime was reduced by more than a day and the customer made their deliveries. If you want more information [...]

Wire Maker Saves Over $1 Million Per Year

The Problem: This company operates furnaces melting base metals for production of various wires. In a continuous process it became a problem to control furnace performance. In extreme cases overheating the furnace would result in the need for emergency shutdown to avoid catastrophe. Automated process monitoring allows operators to detect and respond improving quality and [...]