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Our Plant Intelligence Systems provide immediate access to information to facilitate decision making, avoid waste and downtime, and improve utilization.

Increased competition. JIT manufacturing. Rising costs. Operations large and small all face these and other challenges every day.

Plant Intelligence SystemsSure Controls can help you collect and share crucial plant metrics with all the right people in real time so you can increase productivity and business efficiency. Utilizing tools such as HMI/SCADA systems and the Web, you achieve business objectives and synchronize production to the speed and flexibility you need to sustain profitability—today and tomorrow.

Examples of production data and metrics include:

  • Machine capacity data that will help you determine if and when additional capital expenditures are needed.
  • Production throughput (OEE) information will help you make crew scheduling decisions and better manage productivity across multiple shifts, which helps better control labor costs and improve hourly production.
  • Process visualization data that enable you to better control manufacturing processes to reduce material and labor costs.
  • Alarm indicators that can help avoid extended periods of out-of-process production to eliminate wasted costs and effort.
  • Plant Intelligence Systems ControlRecipe capabilities that help make your product quality repeatable and consistent and allow your operators to reduce the amount of waste to get your manufactured goods in specification.
  • Trending and charting of process data and production performance goals, which can lead to increased profit with better overall work performance.
  • Dashboards that track plant metrics and KPIs so you can make real-time business decisions to improve efficiency, production quality and can help grow the company.

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