Sure Controls is your go to place for collaborative robots and Micro-Automation.


A collaborative robot means a human can work side by side with it, without fencing, hard guarding or lasers. The range that Sure Controls represents can handle up to 14 kilos


  • Address Labor Shortage
  • Deploy Quickly
  • Faster ROI
  • Easily re-deployed for different tasks


Micro- Automation is the building of a process that involves handling small parts. A small part is defined differently for each customer, but for Sure Controls, it ranges from 6″ (150mm) down to .2″ (5mm)


  • Small Footprint
  • Quick Changeover
  • Added Flexibility
  • Re-deployable

Talk to a company that understands manufacturing and what it takes to automate your process, because the last thing you want to invest in is a robot that just sits there.

The Key to Success is Designing Smooth Hand-offs

At Sure Controls we have a team of robotics and manufacturing experts who understand system automation. Our solutions address in-feed, process, and  out-feed. We understand process so we design solutions that make every hand – off seamless. It’s not just about the robot. The robot is one element in a sequence that will bring success and leave you smiling.

Sure Controls Robotics Addresses Complex Industry Issues

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