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Key Components of Tension Control in Web Handling

Key Components of Tension Control in Web Handling Recently, Flexible Packaging had the opportunity to interview Mark Breen of Dover Flexo Electronics New Hampshire. Sure Controls is happy to share this great information. If you are in Wisconsin, Sure Controls is your go to resource for web handling needs.  We understand both the art and [...]

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Top 7 Causes of Wrinkles in Web Handling

What are the Top 7 Causes of Web Wrinkling Problems? An article by Pete Eggen of WebEx inc. Web wrinkling during converting can come from a variety of sources--sometimes multiple sources. Thus, pinpointing the exact cause and cure is not always easy. In fact, it is often a process of trial and error. This article [...]

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Temperature Control Success Story

Film Tech, a company in Stanley, WI, purchased a used 3 layer blown film line from a company in Ohio. The machine was disassembled and brought to their facility in the spring of 2015. Film Tech requested that a complete controls upgrade be completed on the line due to lapses in documentation for the machine in its original state. The scope of the project was focused on upgrading the temperature control of the extruders and die, updating the web handling of the line with new drives and motors while providing a new operator station to control the line processes. With these items, updates to the safeties on the machine were also necessary. The upgrade required not only electrical support for the items that Sure Controls was providing, but also interfacing the equipment to the new Process Control Corporation (PCC) and QC Electronics equipment.  Aside from the electrical support, mechanical support was also to be provided for motor mounting, a new chill roll, winder improvements as well as aiding in the location for control cabinets and conduits. […]

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