Project Description

The Problem:

A continuous operation necessarily contains multiple moving parts, working like gears in a machine. Unlike industrial machinery, the gears are not in touch with each other, but still must mesh in quick and perfect synchronicity. In this case study, the customer knew from end-of-month measures that waste, too much waste, was being produced. Up to a 20 percent overrun was required to guarantee quality delivery for customers. Additionally, equipment failed to keep up with expectations. Low waste and high efficiency must be maintained to contend at a world-class level. This customer decided to do something about it.

Automated data collection system rewarded customer with 7% reduction in overall waste.

The Solution:

The customer knew information held the key to uncovering opportunities to reduce waste. However, the challenge lay here: data collection was manual, complicated by variable accuracy and long lead times to synthesize into useful information.

The Result:

Sure Controls provided the solution through an automated data collection system that could be added machine by machine. The small scale start allowed validation of the savings potential. In the first year, information revealed waste reduction opportunities, that once acted upon rewarded the customer with 7 percent reduction in overall waste for the pilot.

What’s next? The solution, added to additional machines, magnified results.

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