Project Description

photo courtesy of Johnson Industries

A food production equipment manufacturer asked Sure Controls to develop a control system for managing the precise processes required for manufacturing mozzarella.

To ensure both mozzarella quality and optimal manufacturing productivity, there must be continuous control of both the volume and mix of the liquids used, including the raw milk needed to make the cheese, the whey, which is separated from the cheese curd during production, and the “lazy river” that delivers blocks of newly-formed cheese to a brine, where it absorbs salt and cools before it is rinsed and packaged.

The system Sure Controls developed precisely controls not only manages the volume of liquids used throughout the mozzarella cheese making process, it also manages milk and curd temperatures during the production, the motion and pressure used in the carousel-like molder that forms the cheese into blocks and the make-up of brine mix used during the final stage of production. In addition, all control system parts and enclosures were built to meet or exceed industry standards for food sanitation.

Bringing together multiple processes in a single system is strength of Sure Controls. We work with our customers to understand both their production processes as well as the quality and productivity measures they need to reach their product quality and business goals.

photo courtesy of Johnson Industries

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