Sure Controls offers a wide selection of Heaters to meet your production needs.


A tube-shaped resistive element heater with a lead at each end.


A cartridge heater is a tube-shaped resistive element product with both leads at one end.

Split Sheath Cartridge

This cartridge heater is split down the length of the tube to expand and improve heat transfer – both leads one end.

High Velocity Air

Mixes air and heat to generate a high rate of flow with high temperature.

Cast Aluminum

Aluminum molded to the application with elements inside to heat and cool.
  Polar Cast Shroud System
  Cast-In Heater, Water Cooled  Cast-In Heater, Finned  Stainless Steel Shroud System


Varying widths and lengths to wrap around circular masses.
   Band Heater, 1-Piece No Strap  Band Heater, 1-Piece Built-In Strap

  Band Heater, 2-piece No Strap

  Band Heater, 2-Piece Built-In Strap


Ceramic heaters employ ceramic as the emitter of heat; available as infrared or contact.


Devices that transmit heat without contact.



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