Motion Control:

Mecademic designs and manufactures the world’s smallest, most precise, and easy-to-use industrial robot arms to automate precision tasks and delicate manipulations. Mecademic offers a new generation of robots that features simplicity, flexibility, and optimal performance. All of their robots are plug & work automation components with a tiny footprint and low overall cost and are easy to integrate and operate.

Mecademic is committed to making the use of small industrial robots more accessible by breaking down barriers to entry into the world of automation. With ultra-small, plug & work robots, they aim to offer greater flexibility, ease of use and efficiency in terms of space and cost savings. They seek to be the first point of access into robotics for companies looking to automate for the first time, as well as an ongoing solution for already automated organizations.

Sure Controls is readily available to provide our knowledge and expertise to help you determine the best Mecademic product for your application.

mecademic meca 500 r3
mecademic power supply unit

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