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World’s Smallest 6-Axis Robot

Are you looking for automation that can handle small parts with precision? We have the right technologies & expertise to help! Save space with a compact 6-axis robotic arm from Mecademic allowing you to innovate your product and production line. Interested in learning more? See the MECA500 Completing Vision Guided Picking From a Flexible Feeder.

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Industrial Collaborative Robots

Collaborative and precise to allow automation of many previously challenging or cost prohibitive applications.  Precise Automation provides the first full line of intrinsically safe, collaborative tabletop robots. Industrial collaborative robots designed to limit all collision forces running at full speed. These robots will not injure users or equipment even if they collide with them at full speed.

        • Ease to Use & Powerful Motion Control
        • World’s Safest AND Fastest Collaborative Robot
        • TUV Certified Collaborative Robot Forces.


A wide range of industrial robots with payload capacity ranging from 3 to 700 kilograms. Let a robot take care of the ‘4 D’ tasks in your facility:
1) Dangerous 2) Difficult 3) Dirty and 4) Delicate

Flexible Feeding Systems

Flexible feeding systems based on voice coil technology


Versatile high moment products vs. belt or screw driven alternatives.

Gear Boxes

Mechanically transfers energy from one device to another. Enables speed reduction, torque manipulation or inertia matching. Available in inline or right angle configurations


Available in rotary, AC,DC, Servo, Frameless and linear in both metric and NEMA frames for a wide variety of standard and custom applications.





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