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Sure Controls’ Integration Solutions help you accomplish more in your operation with less capital outlay — improved throughput, faster, lower-cost production, fewer breakdowns, reduced energy costs and more consistent product quality.

Why replace equipment or suffer through reduced efficiency and effectiveness, when a control automation or instrumentation system upgrade can deliver new capabilities and improved performance to your operation?

With Sure Controls’ Integration Solutions, implementation is faster than a complete equipment replacement, so you can achieve better, faster and lower-cost production sooner. Our Integration Solutions include:

Managing Risk

Integration projects come with a lot of risk — committing to a large capital expenditure in addition to taking a machine out of service. At Sure Controls we are experienced helping companies manage through integration initiatives. Our proven processes and planning mitigate risks as we work with you to anticipate both business and production needs.

Management and Implementation

Sure Controls coordinates the many tasks and responsibilities of your system integration project to assure the outcome you want at the cost you expect. From system installation, speed and safety checks through system debugging and verification, our team helps you get your equipment back into production quickly and efficiently.

Design and Development

Sure Controls works with your team to determine production capabilities and equipment that will make you more competitive and profitable – now and for the future. We then lay out the system, without over-engineering, to meet performance, compliance and safety requirements while ensuring margin-generating performance capabilities.


At Sure Controls, we manufacture all subassemblies and panels at our facilities in Greenville, Wisconsin. Because we do the work ourselves, we can ensure top quality, superior performance, safety and compliance, while eliminating compatibility issues. Sure Controls’ process includes complete testing of everything we manufacture, so you can be assured the products you receive perform as expected.

 Training and Maintenance

Sure Controls teaches your operators to maximize results from the new systems and tools, enabling faster, safer start-up, as well as fast achievement of improved production quality. Our training also helps your team keep up with changes in technology as well as safety and compliance requirements. We also conduct the first maintenance on your new system. This helps ensure complete, proper operation and overall system safety while also providing complete documentation and spare part kits for simple, quick and convenient system maintenance and troubleshooting that reduce downtime.

With nearly 30 years in the business, we can provide the controls and system solutions that you need. Call Us Today: (877) 298-2258


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