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Sure Controls services equipment for manufacturing plants across a wide range of industries. Our Repair Services enable us to handle complex repairs or component modifications.

No matter how large or small the job, we pride ourselves on fast, friendly service as well as sound professional evaluation. Our technicians are extremely responsive, keeping you informed of repair status every step of the way.

Professional Evaluation and Advice

 Not sure if you should repair or replace parts? We provide you with options so you can make the best choices for your business. Our technicians use a proactive process that evaluates every repair against safety and compliance standards as well as the merits of repair when the technology is older and can be replaced with newer, better performing solutions. If it costs less to replace a part rather than repair it, we’ll tell you. You get the best solution for your operation at the lowest cost.

Spare Parts

When your production equipment shows signs of wear, don’t risk unnecessary downtime. We can help you maintain the spares you need and stay at or under budget. We can fix many parts in our repair shop, saving you time and money while also reducing the risk of unplanned downtime while your spares are out for repair.

Parts Upgrades

When you need to upgrade a particular piece of equipment, we can help fulfill your requirements so when field locations send us parts that must be replaced we make that happen without hassles.

Parts Disposal

When you find your parts are not worth repair, we can help you with environmentally responsible disposal that fully complies with disposal regulations.

 Repair Services at Sure Controls includes the following:

  • Drives
  • SCR Power Controllers
  • Temperature and Pressure Controllers
  • Temperature and Pressure Indicators

With nearly 30 years in the business, we can provide the controls and system solutions that you need. Call Us Today: (877) 298-2258

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