Parker Hannifin Drive System Explorer (DSE) Lite Software

Parker Hannifin SSD Drives Division has released a drive configuration software package called Drive System Explorer (DSE) Lite. It is available free of charge. DSE Lite is easy to use, with straightforward block programming and an intuitive user interface. In addition to supporting user-defined configurations, it offers real-time monitoring and charting. An online help function is available for the various drive function blocks.

DSE Lite allows the user to create, parameterize and configure user defined applications as well as parameterize and connect fixed Motor Control blocks:

I/O Elements: The 890 supports a wide variety of I/O. This includes built in analog and digital support as well as optional encoder and field bus cards.

 Application: This is the working space, external of the Motor Control environment. In it you can place any number of instances of any block – gone are the days of fixed numbers of blocks. Beyond that, the DSE Lite world is not flat – you can create well structured, multi-layered applications using the Macro feature, which allows you to create a compound block representing an entire block diagram.

Motor Control: This is a fixed environment, comprising drive and motor parameters organized into blocks. You can parameterize these blocks, or you can read and write to them by linking their parameters with blocks in the Application environment.

Click on the link below to download the software.