Sure Motion, an offering of Sure Controls, specializes in integrating electromechanical systems to work-in-process operations. We are your single source to design, build, install and service all parts of the electromechanical system – from the servos, actuators and robotics that move the work, to the control panels, user interface, and programming that regulate the process.

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we deliver end-to-end systems that provide:

  • Faster, safer, and cleaner material handling
  • Cost savings and increased throughput
  • More accurate and reliable equipment




Benefits of Electromechanical Automation

Productivity & Throughput

Down time and moving product from one location to another drains productivity. By automating your process through electromechanical systems, work flow becomes 100% controllable through a fully integrated line. Manual product movement is eliminated resulting in cleaner material handling and faster throughput rates.

Quality & Repeatability

Through the use of electromechanical solutions, variation in process is nullified, and electronic measurements ensure your process specifications are delivered consistently and reliably, no matter how precise. The outcome is quality levels delivered to your standard through every step of the operation.

Efficiency & Cost Savings

Electronic motion devices replace older technologies like pneumatics and hydraulics which are often expensive to use and consume a lot of energy. Electromechanical systems also reduce the need for pumps, fluids and tanks which all require maintenance and are often the cause of safety concerns. Incorporating electronic controls and operation reduces the cost to manufacture while curtailing the need for specialized maintenance systems.


Automating product movement from one location to another simply reduces the risk of injury. Implementing electronic motion devices to move, rotate, and lift work-in-process reduces the steps which can often lead to repetitive motion injuries. Integrating electronic controls to the physical aspects of your operation reduces costly personal injuries while ensuring consistent, quality controlled throughput.



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