Plant Automation to Make You Smile

We provide North American manufacturing companies with industrial automation solutions in thermal & fluid processes, web handling, robotics, and plant intelligence.
Web Handling

We will work with your company to design, build and maintain optimal-control web handling systems.


We offer quick ROI and quick changeover. We provide a fully integrated robotic solution that addresses your issue.

Plant Intelligence

We provide both product and expertise when it comes to integrating plant intelligence solutions.

Thermal & Fluid

We are your go-to place for pressure transducers, infrared non-contact sensors, load cells, thermocouples / RTDs, and transmitters.


We are at the forefront of factory automation and plant safety. From light curtains to E-Stop, we have you covered.


Learn how our industrial automation solutions can help your manufacturing company.

Why Choose Sure Controls?

Providing Industrial Automation Solutions, Products, and Services Since 1984
Product Leadership

Need an off-the-shelf or a hard-to-find part? Sure Controls has automation parts on hand for quick turn-around. Let us help you make the best choice for your business. We aim to leave you smiling.


Should you repair or replace? Our automation solutions take all options into account. Let us help you make the best decision for your business. We will work with you to assess short-term cost as well as long-term viability.

Design Foresight

At Sure Controls, we design automation solutions with the entire process in mind. This sets the stage for getting every design detail right. Talk to us about challenges or future projects you have. We provide smart economical designs that stand the test of time.

TM5900 robotic gripper
IloT Consultation

What does it take to implement the Industrial Internet of Things in your shop? Where do you start? What is the best first step when looking at Plant Intelligence? Which analytics matter? Let us help you navigate this big step.


Correct small problems before they become big and expensive. Keep equipment and processes within the manufacturer’s specs, and reduce scrap and unwanted downtime. We are A2LA accredited. NIST traceable.


Sure Controls has automation solutions for all manufacturing phases, including – drawings and documentation, programming, safety, compliance, testing, and field service. We provide both preventative and recovery services.

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