At the heart of every great service is a clear understanding of the current situation, sound practice and the achievement of expected outcomes.  At Sure Controls this is the way we do things.  We’ve designed a process to guide our actions and deliver a superior experience to our customers.


Are you down right now?

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The most important thing we can do is get you back into production when you’re down.  This sense of urgency is always on our mind while we assure we do great work to bring you a solution value to meet your needs.  If you’re down right now, phone us at (877) 298-2258 to access our 24/7 response team; we’re committed to prompt response and rapid resolution of your issue.  Our Recovery Field Services team stands ready to get you up and running.

Productivity losses cost money.  Too often they happen slowly over time as systems age or become obsolete.  Our Integration Services enable you to upgrade portions or replace entire drive or control systems with new technology to assure better quality and throughput.  Benefits of integration services include:

  • Faster more consistent run speeds
  • Improved process control for better quality
  • Less downtime for repair of aging parts
  • Easier troubleshooting and repair

Worried about Safety?

 Machine circuits and other safety systems need to be cared for routinely.  The challenge is that they aren’t used all the time and often you don’t discover something’s wrong until someone is injured.  Sure technicians can come to your plant and test your safety systems.  Performance issues may be corrected, helping you assure you’re in compliance with current regulations.  Your team suffers fewer injuries.

Need new capabilities to increase output or capture new orders?

Sure Controls’ Integration Services allow you to add capabilities that make your equipment more versatile and more productive.  Our control systems can include recipes for products and setups you run most often expediting set up and increasing consistency.  Our new Sure Motion unit can integrate robotics to reduce work-in-process handling costs.

Do you have more work than people and time to do it?

We can help.  Check out Sure Resources, a new service program that takes equipment service from reactive to proactive.  This new approach simplifies your life while taking care of those “to do list” things that never seem to get done.  Sure Resources include:

  • Dedicated technical partner to work with for planning and execution of your service needs
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Improved access to preferred service providers
  • Completion on your schedule

Sure Controls also offers you Preventative Services to keep your operation running at peak levels.  Preventative services include:

  • Programming documentation updating and storage
  • Drawing updates and storage
  • Safety Checks
  • Mothball and restart assistance

 Information is everything!

 Staying competitive is a continuous challenge.  It all begins with identifying your opportunities to:

  • Streamline process to gain speed at lower cost
  • Increase productivity and throughput
  • Reduce wasted raw materials
  • Reduce scrap from un-sellable quality
  • Reduce downtime
  • And more

Our Plant Intelligence Systems deliver the capabilities to automate the collection of key production data that can be reported in ways that accelerate improvement efforts.  Whether you’re implementing SCADA or OEE tools to run your business it takes credible secure information.  If you’re looking to implement visual management, Sure Controls can help with that too.  Our automated data collection and analysis solutions allow you to begin in your most critical areas and then scale up to encompass your full operation.

The next time you think about working overtime to resolve a bottleneck or catch up with customers that need it faster, think about the information that could help you locate extra capacity from improvement.  There may just be hidden capacity in improvement that helps you delay capital investment.

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