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ROEQ: The Key to Getting the Most out of Your AMRs

The Key to Getting the Most out of Your AMRs
We’re proud to announce a new distribution partnership with ROEQ! 

As the manufacturing industry continues to advance, companies are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and productivity. One solution that has gained popularity in recent years is the use of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) with cart solutions, specifically those offered by ROEQ.

ROEQ solutions help you get the most out of your autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). They offer a range of cutting-edge top modules empowering you to perform multiple tasks and workflows easily.

These carts work seamlessly with Omron AMRs, enhancing their capabilities and providing key benefits.

·     Increase in efficiency and productivity.

·     Transport larger loads without any human intervention

·     Faster and more efficient material handling processes that save time and money.

ROEQ Cart Solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable, making them suitable for a variety of manufacturing plants. Whether you are interested in top modules, carts or accessories for your AMR, ROEQ has you covered.

Check out the below video to see the ROEQ solutions in action.
Product Descriptions

The TMC500 cart solution can handle payloads up to 500 kg, whilst keeping a small footprint for easy maneuverability e.g. in busy work areas. With pick up and drop off in free space, and a cart that is easy to handle and simple to customize, this solution is flexible to set up and use. Safety is also built right in with easy access to the emergency stop button even when handling cargo up to 120 cm (47.2”). Also check out the TMC130 for the OMRON LD-90x – a compact solution for payloads up to 130 kg.

ROEQ Cart500 – A cart designed to pick up, transport and drop off loads up to 500kg/1100 lbs in free space when combined with the ROEQ TMC500 top module and the OMRON LD250.

Cart Rails –The set of rails can be used to transport US pallets and euro pallets. They are adjustable to accommodate both pallet types and they ensure the pallet remains in place during transport.

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