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Variable Speed AC/DC Drives

Improve Productivity and Reduce Energy Consumption with our AC/DC Drives

We can supply AC and DC drives from fractional horsepower sizes up to 500+ horsepower for standalone fan/pump applications as well as coordinated drive systems.

Sure Controls has a large portfolio of AC drives that are designed to meet the needs of today’s engineering challenges and to provide superior torque control and motor speed. Our drive offerings maximizes flexibility and increases performance. Our products deliver on the goal of productivity improvement and reducing energy consumption. These drives are easy to configure and commission with simple and flexible simple speed control to complex multi-motor coordinated process control.

Our Drive Offerings

Control Techniques from Nidec: Known for innovation and reliability, Control Techniques provides a diverse range of drives to suit various industrial needs.

Parker Drives: Renowned for their precision and durability, Parker Drives offer exceptional performance and versatility for demanding applications.

Benefits of Our Drives

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Improve your operational efficiency with drives that are designed for precision and reliability.
  • Custom Solutions: Our experts work closely with you to identify and source the best drive for your application, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Reliable Support: Benefit from the robust support and service that comes with our partnership with leading drive manufacturers.


Tailored Solutions for Industry Professionals


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Ready to find the perfect drive for your application? Contact us today to speak with one of our experts and learn more about our drive solutions. Trust Sure Controls to deliver the quality and reliability your operations depend on.

variable speed drivers

Variable Speed AC/DC Drives

Variable speed drives enable motor speed control and save energy.

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