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Sure Controls – Responsive to Our Community

PPE Robotic Process Automation

Unequalled Responsiveness

At Sure Controls we are very proud to live out our company motto in any way we can.  Our motto is “Give a smile to get a smile”  It’s displayed on our walls and carried in our hearts – and not just at work.  Over the past few weeks COVID -19 has swept the globe and affected everyone’s life. Here in Wisconsin, there was a call for Personal Protective Equipment to help those brave men and women on the front lines of this pandemic.  Just as the Sure Controls team does every Christmas, we asked what can we do to help?  Several of our team members and their families stepped-up and are continuing to step-up, in a big way.

Protective Face Shields

PPE Robotic Process AutomationWhen Trevor, A Sure Controls Mechanical Engineer, saw a Facebook post asking for protective face-shields he knew he had to figure out a way to help.  While design foresight and unparalled responsiveness are a day-to-day thing for Trevor at work, he now had an opportunity to bring those traits to a community in need.  The post was from a husband and wife who are both nurses in Oshkosh.  Sure Controls would like to give a huge shoutout to Bomber Rueckl and Trevor Schulz who are both part of the Facebook group NE Wisconsin 3D Protective Shields. They freely committed time, talent, and materials to this amazing local cause.

Trevor’s hobby is 3D prining. It’s a great way to connect with his four boys and to share his passion for “building and fixing stuff”. Trevor says it takes between 1.5 and 3 hours to make each mask. Now that he has made several and figured out all the ins and outs of it, it’s closer to 1.5 hours than it is to 3.  Trevor got hooked up with NE Wisconsin 3D Protective , a Facebook forum, and was able to share his insight and gain access to those who need the finished product.  Now three members of our Sure Controls engineering team are continuing to work providing masks to those in need. Trevor, Rowan, and Mitch we are so thankful for the smiles you are delivering. Thank you!


Neck Cozies for exhausted Healthcare Workers

It seems that when the Sure Controls family decides to do something, they decide to go all in.  Associates have brought their talents to bear in anNeck Cozies PPE RPA number of ways. Marita and Loreen gathered materials and sewed 200 neck cozies. These cozies are useed by exhausted healthcare workers when they have a moment to rest or grab a quick cat nap between obligations.

This project started with 200 neck cozies but Loreen and Marita have a lot more good in store for the community.  As of this week they had sent an addition 320 cozies out into the community and they  350 more ready to stuff and distribute. This final order will ensure that all hospital staff members in New London and Waupauca will each get one.  That’s a lot of smiles delivered! Thank you Marita and Loreen for your TLC,  and perfectly executed project.

Please see below the trunk load of neck cozies that were delivered to the New London and Waupaca Hospitals!!

A special shout out to the continued efforts of Loreen, Marita, Trevor, Rowan, and Mitch!! They are continuing offer their support to provide PPE equipment to local facilities through sewing and 3D printing😊😊😊.