Christmas Spirit at Sure Controls

Give a Smile to Get a Smile

At Sure Controls our mission is to deliver smiles to receive smiles. We take great pride in our customer service and our ability to go above and beyond. Each year, at Christmas, this mission becomes a little more personal. We look to deliver smiles to families and children in our community.
All year long the Sure Controls elves are hard at work, coming up with imaginative ways to get donations for a family in need. They have raffles and sell snacks. All with a family in mind. Employees know that when they buy a candy bar at our snack shop, the proceeds will go to help a family in need.
There are two lead elves, but like all good elves, they want to remain anonymous. They are well organized and kindhearted. Each year they work with the Salvation Army and while the adopted families change from year to year, the Sure Controls request never does. “Please give us your biggest family” – is the request that’s made. In fact, one year, Sure Controls adopted two families!
Once the family’s request is received the elves get to work. They don’t know the family’s name, just the ages, and gender of all the members. With the family’s wish list in hand, they get to work figuring out the best way to deliver everything on it. So far, they have never let anyone down. Lists have toys for the kids, along with practical items, and household essentials. The annual gift also includes a gift card to the family’s favorite grocery store to buy the fixings for a tasty Christmas dinner!
This year Sure Controls adopted a nine-person family, seven children, and two adults. The elves, intent on delivering smiles, think of every detail, they even include wrapping paper. Before dropping the Christmas gifts off, the elves organize them into bins that are easy to transport and useful for the family.
It’s such a great feeling to drop off the gifts at the Salvation Army! Just thinking about their Christmas morning. Each year,  Sure Controls receives a written, smile-filled thank you note from the family. That’s what it’s all about, give a smile to get a smile!  Happy Holidays to all of you and your families.

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