Extreme Industrial Ethernet Switches

Industrial-Grade Ethernet Switches to the Rescue

Real life Problem

The news this summer has been dominated by the story of the boys soccer team from Thailand that was trapped in a cave. Happily, they were all rescued and are safe now. Now that we know there is is a happy ending, it’s fun to figure out how communication was set up. while we don’t know the specifics for the cave in Thailand, we do have a lot of information on another famous rescue, the Chilean Miners. To reach the trapped  Chilean miners, rescuers needed to send down the ‘Phoenix’ rescue pod networked with a camera for video transmission in order to inspect the rock structure of the tunnel walls. The rescue pod was expected to endure very rugged conditions including extreme heat and a very wet environment. These conditions usually make transmitting the video images back to the rescuers a major problem. It’s a challenge to find equipment that will preform well and consistently in extreme conditions.

Application Solution in Extreme Conditions

red lion industrial ethernet swtichesThe Chilean rescue team chose the best possible solution, Red Lion’s SLX-5ES-ST. Known for its compact size and rugged reliability in extreme conditions,  SLX-5ES-2ST industrial Ethernet switches were used in test runs of the Phoenix to remotely video the tunnel walls and the movements of the capsule. While in the tunnel, the industrial-grade switches endured 95 degree Fahrenheit temperatures and wet conditions to transmit the video images to a nearby control room.

Benefit of Red Lion Industrial Ethernet Switches

The SLX-5ES-2ST is a compact, 5-port industrial Ethernet switch that weighs only six ounces and offers connectivity for both fiber and copper cabling. Red Lion’s connectivity products are used in a variety of industries including power & utilities, oil & gas, military, maritime, transportation, video & security and others.

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