IPS Structured Aluminum – The Uses Are Many

IPS Structured Aluminum – The Uses Are Many

We use IPS Structured Aluminum for many purposes.  Here at Sure Controls, we use it to create anything from machine guarding, tables, and workstations to robotics stands and even unique projects such as the bobblehead stand featured.

While the bobblehead stand project was a fun change of pace, many of our manufacturing clients rely on us to deliver machine-guarding solutions for the serious job of keeping their employees safe.  IPS structured aluminum is also commonly used in hospital or clinical environments to decrease staff and patient exposure to airborne ailments. Both safety and efficiency are common end-goals to the solutions we provide with structured aluminum.

Some of the solutions we have provided for our clients include T-slot structures for machine safety and guarding, clean room enclosures, ergonomic workstations, lean factory solutions, and more, and our experts would be happy to create a solution for you!

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