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KAYSUN Case Study – Improving Machine Performance to Increase Profit

KAYSUN Case Study – Improving Machine Performance to Increase Profit

Strategic solutions to increase machine performance, solve the labor challenge and improve the bottom line.

Company Profile

Established in 1947, Kaysun has become a go-to partner for the design and development of highly engineered plastic products and assemblies. Kaysun constantly reinvests in sophisticated technologies, equipment and talent to remain at the cutting-edge of material science, engineering and innovation.


Kaysun had an existing automation cell that assembled a faucet sub-component for their customer. The previous cell utilized two bowl feeders which experienced frequent jamming issues due to vestiges on the fittings. The bowl feeders also required considerable maintenance and repair. To increase quality and production, Kaysun chose to have a new cell built by Sure Controls that utilizes the world’s best flexible feeders and modern control architecture.

Results Overview

Challenges prior to project completion:

  • Long cycle time (22-24 seconds)
  • Frequent feeder bowl jamming
  • High maintenance costs & expensive machine downtime
  • Required significant space

Benefits realized upon project completion:

  • Reduced cycle time (16-17 seconds)
  • Eliminated jamming issues
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • New cell occupies significantly less floor space
  • Significant noise reduction
Benefits Overview

#1 – Replacing the bowl feeders with the Asycube and EYE+ system provided Kaysun with increased flexibility and decreased production costs.

#2 –  After the cell upgrade, Kaysun was able to produce 1,200 more parts every day for their customer — resulting in substantially increased profit.

#3Better documentation – electrical design was developed in E-plan and Sure Controls provided all relevant schematics. HMI Programming with instructions and recipe files were also provided.

#4 –  Reclaimed floor space – Sure Controls provided an innovative, advanced machine which was half the size of the previous cell.

Customer Feedback
I want to thank the team at Sure Controls for their great work on this project. They were easy to work with, bright with ideas, willing to make improvements rather than just recreate the wheel, and punctual to the schedule in a very difficult supply chain.”

Bob Reeves, Operations Director at Kaysun

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