Managing Supply Chain Disruptions – How Sure Controls E-store and Repair Service Can Help

Managing Supply Chain Disruptions – How Sure Controls E-store and Repair Service Can Help

The global supply-chain problems have been grabbing a lot of headlines lately, and for good reason. Part shortages and surging prices are threatening the economic recovery. While Western economies have largely moved past shutdowns and other pandemic-related restrictions, many Asian countries are still experiencing lockdowns. As a result, they can’t meet the demand for products and raw materials. Manufacturers are realizing that what used to take a couple weeks to get now can take several months. And, the old pricing no longer applies. Many suppliers are notifying their customers of double-digit percentage increases.

As manufacturers struggle to navigate the supply-chain disruption, holding safety stock or intermediate inventory has become standard practice. And, identifying other opportunities to procure much needed parts is also hugely beneficial.

Sure Controls E-Store

If you haven’t already visited the Sure Controls e-store, you’ll want to check it out. On our e-store, manufacturers will have access to automation components, electrical components, robotic systems and more. For over 30 years, we have worked closely with our suppliers and business partners to ensure access and fair pricing for our customers. We have always been committed to solving the challenges U.S. manufacturers are facing and the pandemic supply-chain disruption doesn’t change that.

Repair Services

When you visit our e-store, you’ll also notice a new Repair Request Button.  Our rapid service and commitment to quality make the repair experience painless.  Our technicians use a proactive process that evaluates every repair against safety and compliance standards. We can also help you evaluate making the repair vs. replacing with a newer, more advanced system. With some lead times taking months, many manufacturers are realizing repair is the immediate answer even if replacement is the correct long-term solution to avoiding machine downtime.

Check out the below video to learn more about the products, solutions and services available on our e-store.

If you have questions, or would like to learn more about our repairs services, make sure to contact us here. 

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