Mason Taylor – Employee Spotlight

Mason Taylor – Employee Spotlight

All manufacturers are talking about it — the part shortage. It’s been a huge obstacle for many of our customers and business partners. While there is no easy fix, a creative approach to sourcing parts can go along way in furthering a project, especially in the robotic and automation space. That’s where Mason Taylor comes in. Mason has recently been promoted to a new role that helps our customers achieve their goals and keep their projects moving forward. Check out the Q&A below to learn more about Mason.

Q: Can you describe your role at Sure Controls?

A: As a Robotics Applications Specialist, I am responsible for working through applications with customers and appropriately sizing the requested equipment to their needs. I typically work with drives, servos, actuators, gear heads, and often with related equipment such industrial indication and discrete temperature controls from Red Lion and Eurotherm. Tech support and general industrial applications is a quick summarization of my role.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: My favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to learn something new almost daily. I might learn about some programming software one day, and then a newly released product the next day! Supporting customers questions, concerns, and requirements really drives what direction I’m going to be looking for the day.

Q: What is your biggest challenge in your new role?

A: My biggest challenge is part shortages. This isn’t new to anyone in the industry, but it remains one of the largest hurdles in putting a smile on our customers faces. I have had plenty of instances where I have located a replacement for a currently not available product, only to have a PO submitted and then be told my replacement is temporarily not available. This process repeats itself 2 or 3 for some components.

Q: What advice would you give those struggling with the part shortage?

A: Manufacturers plan work around lead times so it is important to be completely transparent about the real lead times.  Suppliers are often quoting parts at 12+ weeks out and it is no longer surprising. However, providing overly optimistic lead times only creates bigger issues. And, extending lead times on ordered parts frustrates customers much more than seeing the long lead time up front.

Q: What is something people might not know about you?

A: I like to think of myself as an avid outdoorsman. During the winter I usually spend as many weekends as possible riding various snowmobile trails throughout Wisconsin and Michigan. When the weather is warm, I enjoy camping and riding the scenic roads Wisconsin has to offer on my motorcycle. During the off seasons there is usually some poor vehicle or powersport torn to pieces in my garage in hopes that I get to use it again the next weekend.

Is there a part you need help sourcing? Make sure to reach out. We are here to help. 

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