Meet Ione Dyer

Meet Ione Dyer

Manufacturers are continuing to struggle with the labor shortage, Sure Controls is committed to partnering with our customers to find innovative solutions to keep plants running and growing. Our associate Ione Dyer is a big part of that. Ione joins the Sure Controls team as our Electrical Designer and Training Coordinator. A big part of her job is coursework development and being a resource for our customers. As industry experts, Sure Controls has made it a priority to share our knowledge with our customers.

To help our customers and business partners better get to know Ione Dyer, we are sharing the below Q&A.

Q:  Can you describe your role at Sure Controls? 

A: At Sure Controls, I get to work as both Electrical Designer and Training Coordinator. On the design side, I am working to help grow automation within our own facilities. I work with a software to create 3D layouts of our control panels. Once a model is complete with all the smarts, wires can be automatically routed within the software, and then sent to a cutter and labeler in the shop, eliminating the need for manually measuring, cutting, and labeling wire by our panel shop technicians. On the training side, I work within our learning management system to organize, track, and create internal training. Additionally, Sure Controls is focused on expanding customer training offerings, so I get to be part of that push as well. As I continue learning and gaining experience, I’m looking forward to being able to deliver trainings to customers as well.

Q: What is your favorite part of our job? 

A:The best part of my job is all the people and groups I get to work with and learn from on a daily basis. I get to collaborate with coworkers on the engineering team and in the panel shop, and with other teams at Sure Controls to discuss their training needs and goals.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?

A: I think one of my biggest challenges is stepping into such an important role right out of school.  That being said, it gives me the opportunity to learn every day, and I really have an appreciation for that. It also helps that there is a great support system of knowledgeable, industry-experienced people to lean on and learn from.

Q: What advice would you give to manufacturers struggling with the skills gap?

A: No one understands better than manufacturers the scope of the skills gap and the time and action it is going to take to close that gap. My advice to manufacturers struggling with this issue would be two-fold: Upskill and Interact. It is important to invest in and train current employees in the skills needed both now and in the future.

But equally as important, I believe there is an outdated, negative perception of what manufacturing really is today when it comes to much of the (near) future workforce. These misconceptions can be combatted by manufacturers partnering with local technical colleges to make sure students are aware of the jobs available and taught the skills needed for your facilities. Additionally, it is great to connect and interact with students in schools from a younger age.

Q: What is something people may not know about you?

A: Something people might not know about me is how much time I like to spend outdoors. Be it on a boat, camping, hiking, golfing, or playing some ultimate frisbee, you’ll find me outside. (I’m seeing now that my enthusiasm for the outdoors clearly only applies to SUMMER activities.

A big thanks to Ione Dyer for participating in the employee spotlight! If you would like to learn more about our current training offerings, check out our upcoming schedule. 


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