Parker – Obsolescence Update for 690+ Product Line

Parker – Obsolescence Update for 690+ Product Line

Parker has begun the obsolescence process of the  690+ product line. Parker made the decision to discontinue the line due to the obsolescence of critical components from their suppliers in addition to product maturity.  The last day the AC690+ drives will be available for order is June 30, 2022.

Please make sure to note the following. 

  • Quantities are limited, and Parker cannot guarantee availability.
  • It is possible that when stock becomes low, Parker may need to cancel or not accept new orders.
  • Please note that all orders for AC690+ placed and acknowledged prior to the date of this announcement will be fulfilled.
  • Lead time remains 140 days on all AC690+ products, however Parker will push to deliver as soon as possible within that time.

Products being obsoleted include all the AC690+ series drives and spare control PCB assemblies. Spare parts and accessories that are not currently quantity limited will be obsoleted later, and a separate bulletin will be released with more details soon.

Transition Path

The AC30 Series is currently the recommended replacement option. The AC30 is functionally capable of replacing the AC690+ in most instances. Parker’s AC20 series due to launch in the first half of calendar year 2023 will provide another alternative replacement. Details of the AC20 shall be released soon.

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