Plant Intelligence

Plant Intelligence

Sure Controls provides both product and expertise when it comes to integrating plant intelligence solutions.

We are experts at implementing automated manufacturing data solutions that will provide your company with real-time production information. This will let you streamline the flow of critical information. This means you can capture true manufacturing costs, along with other key data, to make critical business decisions.

Here are some of the common questions our customers usually have about Plant Intelligence or Industry 4.0 solutions.

Q: What does a good Industry 4.0 solution look like to you?

When it is simple, quick, and convenient for any role in the organization to access the information they need to succeed at their job.  Get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Q: What is the key buying criteria for a software platform?

The solution must allow transparent data access across the different software components of the enterprise.  Some software vendors lock customers out of their own data which inhibits future growth.  Other software vendors use industry standard protocols for data access.

Q: Who should be involved in an Industry 4.0 project?

Cross-functional teams are best for Digital Transformation efforts.  IT, Engineering, and Operations are the most common departments involved.





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