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Sure Controls is your premier destination for cutting-edge robotic solutions. 

We work with a number of robotics manufacturers to provide you with both collaborative and micro-automation solutions. When you choose Sure Controls, you’re choosing quick ROI, hassle-free changeovers, and expertly integrated robotic solutions that address your specific needs.

Collaborative Robots

Our collaborative robots are designed to work seamlessly alongside human operators, eliminating the need for fencing, hard guarding, or lasers. At Sure Controls, we represent a diverse range of collaborative robots capable of handling up to 14 kilograms of payload.

Benefits of Collaborative Robots

Small Footprint

Maximize your workspace with our compact and efficient robots.

Quick Changeover

Streamline your production by swiftly adapting to new tasks and requirements.

Added Flexibility

Our collaborative robots can handle a variety of tasks, enhancing your operational versatility.


Easily reassign our robots to different tasks as your needs evolve.


Micro-automation involves the intricate handling of small parts, and Sure Controls is your go-to partner for this specialized field. We define small parts as ranging from 6 inches (150mm) down to 0.2 inches (5mm).

Benefits of Micro-Automation

Address Labor Shortage

As labor becomes scarcer, our robots step in to augment your workforce.

Deploy Quickly

Get your automated processes up and running in no time.

Faster ROI

Our robotic solutions are designed for quick returns on your investment.

Easily Re-deployed

Adapt our robots effortlessly to different tasks as your needs change.

Sure Controls Robotics: Addressing Complex Industry Challenges

Fast ROI

We pride ourselves on delivering fast ROI by understanding your processes and providing the perfect robotic solutions. Our robots are not limited to single-use applications; they are versatile and can be re-deployed across various tasks. Plus, their user-friendly programming makes changeovers a breeze.

Bowl Feeders

Traditional bowl feeds are often designed for specific parts, limiting their usability across multiple processes. At Sure Controls, we offer the Asycube, a smart investment that streamlines changeovers and optimizes your return on investment across multiple processes.

Delicate Materials

Handling small, delicate materials in automation cells can be challenging, but Sure Controls excels in micro-automation. Our robots have successfully assembled everything from watches to pacemakers, showcasing our deep understanding of working with micro parts and the critical importance of precision.


Avoid costly production disruptions caused by jammed materials with our flexible feeding solutions. At Sure Controls, we offer innovative approaches to keep your operations running smoothly.

Ready to Explore the Future of Robotics?

When you partner with Sure Controls, you’re choosing innovation, efficiency, and reliability in the world of robotic solutions. Let us help you unlock the potential of automation, streamline your processes, and enhance your competitiveness in today’s dynamic market. 

Contact us today to discuss your unique manufacturing needs and take the first step toward a more efficient and profitable future. Trust Sure Controls for all your robotic solutions requirements.

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