Sure Controls offers quick ROI, quick changeover. We provide a fully integrated solution that addresses your issue. Sure Controls works with a number of robotics manufacturers to provide you with both collaborative and micro-automation solutions. Sure Controls expertise will get you up and running quickly, because the last thing you want is a robot that just sits there.


A collaborative robot means a human can work side by side with it, without fencing, hard guarding or lasers. The range that Sure Controls represents can handle up to 14 kilos


Small Footprint

Quick Changeover

Added Flexibility



Micro- Automation is the building of a process that involves handling small parts. A small part is defined differently for each customer, but for Sure Controls, it ranges from 6″ (150mm) down to .2″ (5mm)


Address Labor Shortage

Deploy Quickly

Faster ROI

Easily re-deployed for different tasks

Talk to a company that understands manufacturing and what it takes to automate your process.

Sure Controls Robotics Addresses Complex Industry Issues

Fast ROI

Because we understand process we can provide the perfect solution which means quicker ROI. Also, these robots are re-deployable across tasks, not single use. They are simple to program which makes change overs easier as well. Finally, we all know it’s a tight labor market out there. This investment has a direct and positive effect on labor shortage.

Bowl Feeders

Bowl feeders are usually designed for a specific part. This means a high investment that can’t be used for multiple processes. With the Asycube this is a non-issue. It’s a smart investment that facilitates change over and optimizes your investment across more than one process.

Delicate Materials

Feeding small delicate materials into the automation cell can be difficult. We are experts in micro-automation. Our robots have worked assembling everything from watches to pacemakers. We understand how to work with micro parts and how important it is to get it right.


Avoid jamming by using flexible feeding solutions.

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