Detects the presence of, and distance of both metal and non-metal objects


High speed precision sensors

Color / Mark

Identifies color contrasts for detection of registration and eye marks


Long distance, non-contact measurement. For use in dirty environments.

Hot and Cold Metal

Detects infrared energy from hot or cold metal and glass.

Pressure Transducers

Available in industrial style for water, hydraulic, melt pressure and other fluid pressure; Available in mercury, Nak and environmental friendly fill. Standard designs up to 15,000 PSI


Available in standard thermocouple outputs or analog outputs for interfacing with a wide variety of process controls.

Load Cells / Tension Transducers

Measure weight or force for a wide variety of applications ranging from scales, measuring resin hopper weight, web tension and more.

Thermocouples / RTDs

Available in standard and custom designs to fit a wide range of applications. For example: Plastics, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical.

Design Sheet



Available in both custom and universal input / output configurations. For temperature, pressure, intrinsically safe and other processes.


For laboratory, indoor / outdoor and in-process applications

Signal conditioners

Signal conditioning means manipulating an analog signal in such a way that it meets the requirements of the next stage.


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