Thermal and Process Control Systems

Industrial Heaters, Sensors, and Thermocouples

Industrial Heaters

At Sure Controls, we work with no fewer than 9 Heater companies. The products we can offer you include Ceramic heaters, Infrared heaters, band heaters, cast aluminum heaters, high-velocity air heaters, and cartridge heaters – including split sheath and tubular heaters.

Sensors and Thermocouples

Sure Controls is your go-to place for Pressure transducers, infrared non-contact sensors, load cells, thermocouples / RTDs, and transmitters.

Product Leadership

We understand the intensity of broken-down equipment and the cost of lost production. With our depth of experience, we can source a broad selection of solutions for both thermal and processes.

Whether you are looking for a standard heater or maybe a harder-to-find replacement part, Sure Controls is here to bring a solution. Contact one of our experts today, or if you prefer, inventoried parts are also available through the Sure Controls web store.

Unequaled Responsiveness

Sure Controls has parts on hand and is a distributor for over 15 thermal product companies. Are you having trouble finding a replacement part? Perhaps it is obsolete or just hard to find – let us help you! Whether it’s process control or freeze protection, our team of experts is here to support you.

Thermal & Process Control System Products

Band Heaters: Mica and Ceramic

  • Heating Jackets
  • Heating Tapes and Cords
  • Drum Heaters and Cable Heaters
  • Cartridge Heaters
  • Cast Aluminum Heaters

Temperature Control

For controllers, list settings (temperature, speed, and current) can vary by batch or job. 

Record adjustable controller parameters do not normally need resetting except for major changes in process dynamics or when you replace a controller.

  • Improve process efficiency and minimize waste
  • Feature-rich
  • Friendly operator interface  

Process Control PAC System

  • Easy operation and reduced engineering time
  • Advanced data security, energy management, flexible i/o

Thermal & Process Control System Parts

Off-the-shelf or customized. If original parts are obsolete or hard to find, our technical support team can find alternatives to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are looking for freeze protection or process control, we are here to help you select the best part for your business.

  • Visit the Sure Controls web store to shop parts
  • We have a large portfolio of parts, from commodity to one-of-a-kind

Thermal & Process Control System Services

Not sure if you should repair or replace parts? Let our experts provide options so you can make the best business decision. 

Sure Controls offers troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and calibration services. We can provide service onsite and offsite – instrument replacement, or you can send your parts to us, and we will fix them in our repair center.

  • Troubleshooting temperature control
  • Temperature abnormally high, no heat 
  • Heat transfer
  • Damage and corrosion – heater connections or brittle connection wires disturbed 
  • Balance heat and cool delivery – fall and climb rates

Thermal & Process Control System Applications

  • Plastic Extrusion  
  • Food and Dairy 
  • Heat Treat 
  • Various Process Applications

Process Vendors

Thermal Vendors

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