SmartSolve Case Study

SmartSolve Case Study

Learn how expertise and innovation come together to create sustainable solutions that are changing the packaging industry.

Company Profile

SmartSolve pioneers certified, bio-based, water-soluble packaging technologies that empower consumers and businesses to effortlessly reduce plastic waste. Their nontoxic materials quickly and completely disperse when combined with water and agitation, making them easily recyclable, biodegradable, and even zero waste.


SmartSolve is on a mission to enable people to better care for the planet by pioneering zero waste packaging technologies. The Sure Controls team was proud to answer the call to help SmartSolve realize their vision. SmartSolve purchased a web 30″ extrusion coater from a Canadian company who used the machine to run product
similar to SmartSolve’s product in the past. The goal was to allow SmartSolve to bring this technology and capability inhouse to empower the continuous product development and production capacity.


Benefit One

Provided an operational coating line and executed knowledge transfer empowering SmartSolve to internally manage the extrusion manufacturing process.

Benefit Two

Project Management – Sure Controls provided weekly correspondence of project status, managed schedule and resources to assure on-time implementation.

Benefit Three

Clear documentation – electrical design was developed and Sure Controls provided all relevant schematics. HMI Programming with instructions and recipe files were also

Watch the video to see how Sure Controls and SmartSolve partnered together to bring the coating line back to life. The project was essential for empowering SmartSolve to realize their mission of enabling people to better care for the planet by pioneering zero waste packaging technologies.


At – a- Glance

The scope of the project included the following elements.

Machine Description
  • Main Unwind
  • Web Guide
  • Treater
  • Primer Coater
  • Oven and Oven Platform
  • Chill Roll
  • Extruder
  • Resin Handling
  • Secondary Unwind
  • Slitter and Trim Chopper
  • Winder
  • New Power Distribution Panel
  • New Main Operator Panel
  • Visualization powered by Ignition


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