SSD Link is Obsolete; Have you a got a plan? Don’t worry, we have a solution!

SSD Link is Obsolete; Have you a got a plan? Don’t worry, we have a solution!

By Brian Bobbe
Although your current drives and PLC system maybe be working well, do you know for how long and what you’re plan is if you do go down? We completely understand the stress it causes you when you know that your current drive systems are obsolete not to mention it’s tricky to plan when to make the move to the new version/solution too. We can help with that!
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Here at Sure Controls, we do have spare parts for the LINK system, but we are limited on availability and they are quickly becoming harder to source worldwide either as old stock or refurbished units.

Parkers LINKnet is an Ethernet based version of the popular and proven SSD Link system to coordinate drives in a production line. LINKnet components are plugin compatible with many older drives. This means that an existing LINK system using AC690+ and/or DC590+ units can potentially be updated to LINKnet without requiring the replacement of functional drives. We can modernize your line without replacing drives and you can enjoy real time peer-to-peer communications as well.

  • Modernize your line without replacing drives
  • Real time peer-to-peer communications
  • High noise immunity
  • No repeaters required
  • Uses commercially available CAT-6 cable

LINKnet is a peer-to-peer network designed to integrate AC and DC drives with remote I/O at high speed, with or without a supervisory PLC. The network allows precise and repeatable control for complex machines and process lines. LINKnet nodes communicate using Modbus TCP over Ethernet.
LINKnet now uses standard CAT-6 cable and needs no external power supply when used as a plug-in module for Parker AC690+ or DC590+ drives, with AC890 on the horizon.

  • The new LINKnet system can easily be retro fitted to many systems that use the SSD LINK system, and if Parker AC690+ or DC590+ drives are already used no other parts need to be upgraded just the LINKnet tech boxes and cabling.
  • The LINKnet system will connect to either an Ethernet/IP or Modbus TPC connected PLC.
  • The LINKnet system continues to use the popular Parker DSE software system derived from the Legacy DSD software giving users a familiar programing environment.
  • The LINKnet allows remote access, and you can add highlights.

We are confident to promote LINKnet to any of our customers with the old LINK system and we are here to help you plan to upgrade sooner rather than later. We will look into futureproofing your automation systems with reliability and easily replaceable parts if necessary.
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