Summer Intern Program

At Sure Controls, we believe in giving a smile to get a smile. The culture is to strive to do better and to support our teammates as they do the same. One program we have that delivers a lot of smiles is the summer internship program. Meet the interns from the class of Summer 2019!

Elizabeth – UW Platteville
Elizabeth is majoring in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on controls and computers. All of which she brought to bear in her summer project. While working as an intern, Elizabeth’s main focus was to design a Quote Tool to be used in complex integration projects. This tool is currently being used at Sure Controls by our service team and has been a tremendous asset.
When asked what her favorite thing is about Sure Controls, Elizabeth answered without hesitation, “Sure University! It was great to be able to have hands-on experience with PLCs and Control Logix. It really is great to have the freedom to experiment with different solutions.”Elizabeth is a great asset to the team and we wish her the very best this school year.

Mitch – UW Platteville
Mitch is also studying Electrical Engineering at UW Platteville, but his major is in Controls and Power. Mitch is a perennial intern, and we are lucky to have him. This summer his project included PLC and drive upgrades. This means a lot of hands-on experience with coding solutions for PLC hardware. When asked what his favorite thing about Sure Controls is, Mitch answered, ” The camaraderie. We are really a team and look to help each other out. We share information and are constantly looking for the best possible approach to an issue”.

Luke – UW Platteville
Luke learned about Sure Controls and the summer intern program through a career fair at UW Platteville. He is majoring in, you guessed it, Electrical Engineering with a focus on controls. This summer he is getting a lot of great experience with PLCs and panel building. He has even had the opportunity to dabble in robotics. When asked to narrow down his favorite thing about Sure Controls, he readily offered that it was the people, “the culture here is great. Very friendly”. When further pressed, he admitted to loving early release on Fridays. It is great to kick the weekend off at 2:30 pm every Friday.

Sam – Fox Valley Technical College
Sam is studying Mechanical Design at FVTC. He really enjoys the hands-on experience he gets at Sure Controls. Currently, he is designing and building a materials cart for a customer. Sam designed the cart in SolidWorks and is now building it.  His intern experience is typical in that the projects are real and have a very positive impact on our business as well as the customers.  A typical day for Sam also included building panels and general shop maintenance. Sam really enjoys the people at Sure Controls.  He says they are like a family.

Luke – UW Platteville at UW Fox Valley
To call Luke a summer intern would not really be doing him justice. Luke is an intern for all seasons. Currently a student at the collaborative program between UW Fox Valley and UW Platteville, Luke has been working for Sure Controls since November. He loves the flexibility that Sure Controls offers, it makes it easier to work and go to school at the same time. He is still deciding whether to major in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical, both are a lot of fun. Lots of great projects have come through the door since November, but this week Luke is focused on configurations for temperature and extruder controllers. He is programming logic boards to heat to certain temperatures or to read millivolt signals from a transducer.

I am the Electromechanical Manager at Sure Controls with a passion for delivering smiles to receive smiles. At Sure Controls we are passionate about helping keep Manufacturers competitive in the United States, specifically in the great state of WI. We have an extensive team of highly qualified experts looking to help improve safety, quality, and, efficiency. Our core competencies are focused on applications & markets requiring Thermal Process Control, Web Handling, and Robotics & Motion Control. My passion for automation extends into my passions for anything with an engine, running, and most importantly spending time with my family.

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