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At Sure Controls, we pride ourselves in being current. The DNA of our company and services is a continuum of excellence. Any project, from very small to large strategic initiatives is worked on and managed by educated and excellent personnel. Our know-how, attention to detail, and professional acumen bring smiles to our customers every time.

The technological world is constantly evolving and so is Sure Controls. One way we stay on the leading edge is through Sure University. Sure University is an in-house resource designed to provide continued education to Sure Controls Associates. It serves to bring new associates up to speed. It also helps for learning retention in more seasoned associates.

Coursework includes hardware from current suppliers as well as legacy items. We are prepared for any type and age plant set up. The courses available range from the basic, Melt Pressure Transducer Basics and Control Basics to more multi-faceted courses.
Associates are trained on both Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLCs. They run through exercises on the older legacy SLCs like the slick 504 or a PLC 540. The Allan-Bradley micro850 is part of the coursework as is the Siemens 571200 PLC.

Training isn’t just about PLC’s. SCU also offers extensive courses and practice work on Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), or as some call them, Variable Speed Drives (VSD), once again all training is carried out by more than one equipment manufacturer. In this case, associates are trained on both Parker and Allen-Bradley. Coursework covers; remote IO and processors including micro-logics, compact, and Flex IO. Safety relays are also the subject of coursework and practice scenarios. Sure University includes learning units on Guard Master Contactors; including safety contacts and safety relays with built-in redundancy.

Phase two of Sure Controls University is to make this learning available to our customers so they can take advantage of our expertise to help their associates become more capable. In addition to Sure University, our associates regularly attend supplier workshops and courses. This combination of in-house and offsite learning guarantees that Sure Controls continues to strive for excellence while we maintain solid expertise in all aspects of manufacturing controls.

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