Sure University: Training Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow

Sure University: Training Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow

To help increase the maintenance and repair skills of your staff and reduce the learning curve for your employees, we offer customized training at our facility or at your location. Our training sessions involve hands-on experience and result in improved staff productivity, better troubleshooting capabilities and reduced machine downtime.  We understand the knowledge gap and labor shortage are two of the toughest challenges manufacturers are facing today.  So, we are dedicated to partnering with our customers to create the workforce you need to increase quality, efficiency and productivity.

Our own organization is no exception. For the last several years, Sure Controls has made employee training a top priority. As the talent pool becomes increasingly competitive, Sure Controls has strategically invested in developing our team’s skill set to benefit both our own operation and that of our customers.

Did you know it’s possible to graduate as an Electrical Engineer with little or no training on PLCs?  It’s actually more common than you’d think.  So how did Sure Controls bridge this knowledge gap? We invited co-op students to collaborate with Sure Controls education coordinator, Ione Dyer, to create a series of labs meant to quickly bring onboarding entry-level engineers and interns up to speed. The completed, self-guided lab series includes:

  • Getting Online with a PLC
  • Writing ladder logic for a student-wired enclosure
  • A Temperature Controller and Pressure Lab
  • An Introduction to Drives Lab
  • A capstone lab that involves the integration of an HMI with a PLC and Drive

We are offering these trainings to our staff and our customer’s staff as well. If you would like to learn more, complete these labs, or have ideas for future training lab topics, let us know! You can reach out to Ione Dyer at [email protected] We look forward to hearing your ideas and we welcome your feedback.

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