Capacitor Reform – Variable Frequency Drive

Capacitor Reform – Variable Frequency Drive

Capacitor reform is important. When variable frequency drivers are stored for long periods (typically over eight months), the internal chemistry of their capacitors may begin to deteriorate and need to be reformed before use. If the capacitors are not reformed before the drive is put into use, the capacitors have the potential to fail which can cause extensive damage to the drive. This is especially true when higher horsepower, long lead time drivers fail.  Service should be performed on your capacitors every 18 months. Our technicians can increase the charge on your capacitors gradually, eliminating the surge that can cause damage and eliminates surprises.

Utilizing the M3628PCF Portable Capacitor Former by Bonitron, Sure Controls technicians are able to reform capacitors; provide a portable, variable DC power supply capable of quickly charging capacitors; Hold capacitor voltage; and discharge capacitors for maintenance.

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