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What to do when a blown trigger goes unnoticed

What to do when a blown trigger goes unnoticed

Plastic Extruder

The Problem:

Blow Plug trigger going unnoticed; a blow plug is a safety device that relieves excess pressure in an extrusion process.  It prevents catastrophic failure of the barrel.

What happens:

The problem occurs in a line running multiple layers of film at one time.  The plug blows, the plastic is expelled on to the floor and that particular layer is now absent from the final product making it scrap and costing lost production time to clean the mess and rerun the defective product.


Sure Controls can install a system that detects when a blow plug activates and instantly sends an alarm to the operator


Waste (plastic on the floor) and scrap (bad product) are kept to a minimum and the operator can take corrective action to assure he meets quality standards for the finished goods.
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