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Cold Weather Planning

Cold Weather Planning

If you weren’t from Wisconsin, you might find it hard to believe that it is snowing outside, and will again on Sunday. Here is some helpful advice on cold weather planning. It’s never too soon to start getting prepared.
Anticipating freezing conditions and Cold Weather Planning to protect buildings, equipment, and grounds against freeze damage is a vital part of a Facility Maintenance Program. Sure Controls Inc. can help you solve a wide range of freeze protection applications including pipe tracing, drum heating, roof and gutter de-icing, IBC heating, valve de-icing, vessel heating, and enclosure heating.
Cold temperatures can often damage or destroy objects and their contents.  Pipes, valves, tanks, vessels, conveyers, and housings are examples of common objects that can be hurt by the cold. Sure Controls is your local BriskHeat distributor for flexible surface heating products wrap around these items to protect them in even the most extreme conditions.

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Free Download – T his helpful guide makes it easy to organize, plan, and inventory all of your freeze protection needs in one convenient place. As a bonus, this guide includes tools like inspection record templates and resistance test instructions. Contact our team of application specialists today for assistance at  1-800-844-8405

Click here to download the Free Protection Planning Guide

 Freeze Protection and Thawing Frozen Pipes – Self-regulating heating cable is the perfect solution to protect pipes from freezing. The cable is flexible and has a small ½” diameter for easy installation, and includes an outer thermoplastic shell that resists moisture and caustic elements. It can be run along the pipe for hundreds of feet on a single circuit, and its heat output increases as the ambient temperature decreases for extra protection. It can be loosely applied, can cross over itself, and spiral-wrapped without fear of failure. Click here to learn more about Freeze Protection and Thawing Frozen Pipes

frozen pipeEmergency De-icing and Freeze Protection- HSTAT silicone rubber heating tape is the perfect tool for providing temporary heat to quickly get frozen systems back up and running and reduce downtime. When confronted with a stuck or frozen system, wrap the HSTAT heating tape around the frozen part, set the temperature, and allow the heat to quickly thaw/unfreeze the part. The easy-to-use portable heat tape provides instant localized heat to quickly de-ice parts efficiently and safely. When finished, the HSTAT heating tape is easily rolled up and kept in a toolbox or cabinet, ready for use again when needed.  Click here to learn more about Emergency De-icing and Freeze Protection

 Freeze Protection for Pipes, Residential and Commercial Use SpeedTrace self-regulating heating cable is the perfect solution to protect pipes from freezing. It’s plug-and-play design comes preassembled with a grounded 3-prong plug for easy installation. The cable is flexible enough to fit around pipes and valves and approved for indoor/outdoor use. Self-regulating cable is specifically designed for freeze protection because it automatically adjusts the heat output based upon air conditions and never exceeds 150°F (65°C). It is completely safe for use with all types of pipe, tube, and filtration systems and available in several lengths up to 150ft (45.7m). Click here to learn more about Freeze Protection for Pipes, Residential and Commercial Use

Freeze Protection for Control Panels – TSREH enclosure heaters keep the control panel’s interior warm. TSREH heaters are silicone heaters pre-adhered to a steel plate. Easily mount the heater inside the panel using screws or bolts through the pre-drilled holes on the steel flange and make electrical connections. The plate-mounting ensures that the heater is installed where it is needed most and held securely in place. The steel plate also helps radiate the heat for maximum effectiveness. A built-in ambient sensing thermostat automatically senses air temperature and switches the heater on and off to provide easy worry-free operation. TSREH enclosure heaters have a small profile of only 2.5″ (64mm) minimizing required space within the panel.   Click here to learn more about Freeze Protection for Control Panels

 Freeze Protection for Tanks and Vessels– SRL/SRP silicone heating blankets are the ideal solution to protect most tank contents from freezing. Once the appropriate required wattage is determined, several heating blankets can be symmetrically placed around a tank. The heaters are easily attached and held in place using built-in pressure sensitive adhesive. They are flexible to ensure a good fit around curved surfaces, grounded for safety, and made with extra-thick water resistant silicone rubber for extreme durability and long life Click here to learn more about Freeze Protection for Tanks and Vessels

Wrap-around IBC/Tote Tank Heaters (TOTE)- Wrap around IBC/TOTE tank heaters are an all-in-one heater with built-in insulation and a temperature controller to maximize heat efficiency and heat-up time.  Click here to learn more about Wrap-around IBC/Tote Tank Heaters (TOTE)

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