Running with Lean Crews? It’s Time to Automate

Running with Lean Crews? It’s Time to Automate

Did you know a collaborative SCARA robot can complete the work of three to five people depending on the task? It’s true – and they offer additional benefits such as improving worker safety,  reducing cycle time and ultimately increasing production and quality.  Plus, collaborative SCARA robots offer a faster ROI than other automation solutions.  Depending on the application, a SCARA cobot could be your plant’s answer to the labor shortage problem.  Check out the common questions and answers below to learn more.

What is a collaborative SCARA robot?

The SCARA acronym stands for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm. Either way, the SCARA robot’s similarity to a human arm makes it ideal for assembly tasks. These robots have a shoulder and elbow joint along with a ‘wrist’ axis and vertical motion. Check out the below to see a SCARA robot solution in action.

How Does a SCARA Robot Work?

Power and Force Limiting

Only one type of collaborative robot can be used without additional safety features. This type features power and force limiting and can work alongside humans without additional safety devices. The robot can feel abnormal forces in its path. It is programmed to stop when it reads an overload in terms of force.  These robots are designed to interact with humans without additional safety barriers, vision systems, or external scanners.

The main feature of SCARA  robots is their ability to read forces in their joints. This allows them to detect when abnormal forces are applied to them while they are working. In these situations, they can be programmed to stop or sometimes reverse positions mitigating the initial contact. This means they can respond immediately if they come into contact with a human and even dissipate some energy transferred from the impact.

Easy Programming and Integration

Economically a force-limited robot is ideal because of its easy programming and integration. When you think about it, there is no need for fencing or other safety devices (however, a risk assessment should be performed). The programming time is reduced because of hand guiding. You don’t need to change your production line since it is made to work alongside humans. Manufacturing robots used to be limited to high speed, high cost, and hard-guarded applications separating the machine/industrial robots from the operators. This focuses deployment on high-volume applications. Today, smaller companies with multiple short-run processes can utilize these easy-to-deploy robots and move them from task to task as needed.

Benefits of SCARA Robots

SCARA robots offer advantages over cartesian technology, including maximum flexibility, increased accuracy, and precision. Plus, advanced software can make robot programming and setup easier and faster. If you are interested in learning more about a SCARA robot solution for your plant, Sure Controls is here to help.

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