Career Opportunities

Our success relies on hiring and retaining the best people. We look for associates who will not only add to our present talent, but will continue to strengthen our company and customer relationships for years to come. Our company history of over 30 years is proof of our strength in building long term relationships.

At Sure Controls, in addition to your salary, and incentive plans, there are a wide variety of benefits available to assist associates and their families in many different ways. These benefits help each individual maintain a good balance in their life. Below are some of the highlights of working for Sure Controls:


  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Short/Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Vacation/Holiday Pay
  • 401K Retirement Plan
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • Technology Reimbursement
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Volunteer Work
  • Company Meetings & Events

Our Managements Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the managers of Sure Controls to serve the associates and make them their number one priority. It is the manager’s obligation to provide a challenging career, opportunity for growth, clear incentive program, and a path to success for each associate. It is the associate and manager’s responsibility to work together as a team to make the company successful. Managers will have a “hands on” approach to problem solving and will lead by example. Every manager has a responsibility to do the right thing for our customers, associates, company, and our society as a whole. Each manager will do their best to bring out the unique talents and skills of their associates. Our managers will provide the “vision” of where we are to go and they will ensure a great future for our associates.


Without teamwork it would be impossible to compete and provide superior customer service. Every person’s job is a critical part of making the entire business operation successful. Cooperation and helping each other out is the rule! No one person’s job is more important than the next person’s. At Sure Controls the team is more important than the individual. Only through teamwork can we be successful.

Continuous Improvement

Every time we do something, we check to see if our methods worked. We take time to figure out how we can do it better next time. From the minute you join the company you are responsible for helping to shape and improve what goes on around us.

Training and Personal Growth

Sure Controls is committed to providing the best possible training and opportunities for individual personal growth in all aspects of the business. This is a difficult task and requires continuous attention considering the time restrictions of a growing business. Only through constant training and personal growth can we adapt to changing markets and provide excellent service to our customers.

“Open Door” Policy

Sure Controls is committed to providing a challenging, professional working environment for all associates. If an associate perceives that a change should be made in the corporation, or in his or her individual treatment, the associate is encouraged to discuss these issues with their immediate manager. It is the company’s commitment that all concerns brought to the attention of management will be thoroughly addressed and resolved when possible.

Our Reputation

We work hard to provide industrial process solutions with enthusiastic services and automation products that enable “World Class Manufacturing”. We are all custodians of our reputation. We strive daily to put into practice the words and actions that describe ourselves: competent, helpful, engaged and smiley.

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