Sure Controls sells and ships BriskHeat heaters in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.


For over 70 years, BriskHeat has offered the widest variety of flexible surface heaters, temperature controls, and insulators world-wide. Their core heating element technology is extremely durable and flexible making it suitable for a wide range of heating applications.  

With over 67 years of electric surface heating experience, they have solved thousands of custom applications with customer- focused solutions that meet performance expectations, budget constraints, and delivery demands, all using their core heating element technology assembled in just about every shape, size, material configuration and environment imaginable. Custom solutions include: Cloth Heating Jackets, Cloth Insulators, Silicone Rubber Drum Heating Blankets, Cloth and Silicone Rubber Heating Tape, Custom Temperature Controllers, Hopper Heating Solutions, and more… 

Sure Controls is readily available to provide our knowledge and expertise to help you determine the best BriskHeat product for your application. 

BriskHeat Drum Heater
BriskHeat Flexible Heating Cords

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