Printing PressFive SensesWith early automation, craftsmen used their senses to monitor machine performance, listening, looking and even sniffing to ensure proper production was occurring.

With introduction of modern technologies, monitoring and controlling machine performance became more efficient and more consistent.

Today, wired and wireless sensors transmit signals to make monitoring and adjusting machine systems automatic, ensuring everything runs in perfect synchronization.

Network TopologyThese sensors can be connected to the Internet to create networks that allow small, equipment-based systems to interact with larger operating or plant-wide systems. In addition, these networks can be remotely contacted and controlled via hand-held devices, like smartphones, to provide real-time performance indicator data or communicate with the power grid to save energy and money.

With these innovative communication tools, and the data they provide, machine operators and plant managers and other can make better operational decisions, perform predictive maintenance, and diagnose and troubleshoot performance issues.

Controlling Machine Performance



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