Introducing Control Techniques: Top Solutions for Replacing Obsolete Drives

Introducing Control Techniques: Top Solutions for Replacing Obsolete Drives

Don’t Get Caught Unprepared – Have a Plan for Parker’s AC890PX Replacement

The AC890PX drive has been a reliable and highly-utilized option for plastics manufacturers. Unfortunately, this drive is now obsolete and no longer available through Parker. This has lead many manufacturers to start looking into replacement alternatives – many are finding success with the DFS Series from Control Techniques.

The DFS drive is a pre-assembled, ready to install drive cubicle system designed for use in high power applications where energy saving and high ingress protection are key.

Check out the video to learn more about the DFS Series Control Techniques 

Control Techniques Overview

Innovation and efficiency is often dictated by the precision and power of drive technology. As the demand for high-quality and sustainable plastics rises, the machinery that underpins this industry must also evolve. One critical choice facing plastics manufacturers today is the selection of drive systems, which can significantly impact everything from energy consumption to product quality.

Let’s explore why an increasing number of plastics manufacturers are favoring Control Techniques over Parker drives. Understanding this shift is vital not only for businesses in the plastics industry but also for those connected to its supply chain. We’ll unravel the intricacies of drive technologies, dissect the varied approaches of Control Techniques and Parker drives, and highlight the tangible benefits that one specific solution – Control Techniques – has been delivering to manufacturers

Drives in Plastics Manufacturing

Drive technology is the heart of modern plastics manufacturing equipment. It governs the performance of critical processes like extrusion, injection molding, and blow molding, where control over speed, torque, and precision is non-negotiable. In an era dominated by the pursuit of sustainability, energy-efficient drives have become the holy grail for manufacturers, promising to minimize waste and optimize output.

Control Techniques: A Leading Provider of Drive Solutions

Control Techniques, a Nidec brand, has been a trailblazer in the field, offering a comprehensive suite of drives that speak directly to the nuanced demands of plastics manufacturing. Their expertise in variable frequency drives (VFDs) and motion control for industrial automation has earned them a reputation for precision and reliability, qualities that are indispensable for the plastics production lines of today.

Key Features and Benefits of Control Techniques Drives

Control Techniques drives come with features that cater specifically to the complex needs of the plastic manufacturing sector. These include:

  • High torque at low speeds, critical for the extrusion process
  • Advanced control capabilities for maintaining pressure and temperature during injection molding
  • Quick response to change in processes, ensuring adaptability and optimization
  • Energy-saving technologies that align with the industry’s push for sustainability
Benefits & Real-World Impact

Several plastics manufacturers have made the switch from Parker to Control Techniques drives and have been vocal about the advantages they’ve experienced:

  • Reduced energy consumption, leading to significant cost savings
  • Enhanced production rates and product quality
  • Streamlined operations, resulting in quicker time-to-market


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