What is Robotic Machine Tending?

What is Robotic Machine Tending?

Most machine tending is done by humans. Machine shops use their human workforce to load and unload machines and to restart the program once the finished part is out of the way. The tasks are often repetitive, and as qualified workers are becoming harder and harder to find, companies are utilizing robotic machine tending to make up for the lack of employees.

Robotic machine tending is an advanced automation process that employs specialized robots to handle repetitive tasks related to the operation of various machines. 

These advanced robotic systems are designed to efficiently load and unload parts, manage tools, and optimize processing times, contributing to smoother production lines and increased overall productivity. 

The integration of robotic machine tending in manufacturing environments not only helps eliminate potential human errors and workplace injuries but also enables organizations to meet evolving industry demands by accelerating production cycles and maintaining consistent product quality. 

With adaptive programming, precision, and flexibility at its core, this cutting-edge technology has the potential to revolutionize the way industries operate and promote sustainable growth.

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How Does Automated Robotic Machine Tending Work?

The most popular machine tending application is in machine shops where robots load raw materials. The machine then executes its program, the robot takes the finished part out, and loads the machine with another raw part. This process can be done in a loop for an infinite number of times, assuming the robot continually receives raw parts and that the machine produces quality parts.

Machine Tending can be dangerous work and requires the consistency that a robotic solution can provide. Robots replace human interaction to move product from a supply position, transport it to a machine, orient it, and then interact with the machine.

 Our robotic machine tending designs at Sure Controls are capable of handling items as small as a dime and as large as a refrigerator – in turn-key solutions. Learn more about the robotic automation solutions that we offer to help your manufacturing facility gain a competitive edge.

Robotic Machine Tending Applications:

Robotic machine tending has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by providing many applications to improve efficiency and productivity. These sophisticated machines have the capacity to work tirelessly, ensuring that production lines run seamlessly while freeing up human workers from tedious and repetitive tasks.

This cutting-edge technology entails the use of robotic systems for the following: 

  • Loading & unloading products for grinding 
  • Loading products into CNC milling & turning machines
  • Tending injection mold product loading & loading 
  • And more!

Advantages of Robotic Machine Tending:

Robotic machine tending has rapidly transformed the manufacturing landscape by offering numerous advantages, making it an indispensable element for improving productivity, profitability, and safety. Below, you’ll find a few of the main advantages of robotic machine tending.

1. Robotic Machine Tending is a Compact Automation Solution

Because space is already at a premium in most production facilities, many machine tending robots have a small footprint. They also come fitted with water and dust protection as standard and cables routed through the wrist, out of harm’s way. Some manufacturers even have small models that go straight into the machine tool.

2. Robotic Machine Tending is Invaluable for Injection Molding

Robots are invaluable when it comes to injection molding. From part removal to screw cutting, degating, labeling, lasering, and adding inserts, they increase throughput across a varied range of tasks and negate the risk of damage

3. Robotic Machine Tending is Less Expensive Than You Might Think

A comprehensive range of flexible standalone solutions makes machine tending robots a very viable choice for small businesses. Less expensive and easier to use than you might imagine, they provide considerable benefits even on small production runs. This is especially so where the tedious, dirty, and dangerous nature of tending machines manually makes finding and retaining manual operators difficult. Plus, once they have been created, machine-tending programs can be called up whenever new orders come in.

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