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About Ken Gifford

Ken is the Information Technology expert at Sure Controls. In addition to managing our internal network, he also helps our customers gather much needed information from their manufacturing processes through a blend of industrial communications and traditional Information Technology systems. He has a wife of 25 years, and two grown children. He also holds a private pilot’s license and loves to fly and also plays the drums.

Ethernet – the Backbone of I oT

  Ethernet – the Backbone of IoT You would have had to been living in a cave for the last two years if you haven’t heard the constant drumbeat of “Industry 4.0” and “The Internet of Things” (IoT).  Admittedly the lure of “easily connectable” and “smart” devices that can be implemented at low cost is quite strong.  Also, there is no denying everyone is finding great value in collecting data across the enterprise.  Without data, we can’t make informed decisions, and we can’t quantify the effect of decisions we have made.  It’s the cornerstone to any continuous improvement initiative.  Unfortunately, as organizations become more connected – particularly on the plant floor, little to no thought is being given to the true backbone to any information system – the Ethernet network. […]

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Plant Intelligence…and Beer!

It is a (not so) well kept secret that we have a homemade beer machine at Sure Controls. The beer machine is always the highlight of any facility tour we give to our customers. I thought it could also be a very cool way to demonstrate some of our Plant Intelligence capabilities! A few weeks [...]

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Demystifying Automated Data Acquisition – Part Three of Three

By Ken Gifford   Have you ever taken someone to Baskin-Robbins who really likes ice cream?  Invariably, whenever I take my wife there, she has a pretty good idea in her mind what she has a taste for.  However, when presented with the bewildering array of choices available, she has a hard time making up [...]

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Demystifying Automated Data Acquisition – Part Two

By Ken Gifford      Under cover of darkness the night of April 18, 1775 a man peers out his window with a watchful eye. As he gazes intently at the old church, suddenly the light of two lanterns pierces the darkness.  The man rushes out of his house and mounts his already saddled horse, and [...]

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Demystifying Automated Data Acquisition – Part One

By Ken Gifford Whenever I am presenting on this topic, I have a little video I like to show. In the video, we see a man driving a cement truck. He seems happy and content with his work while he sits at the stop light. He glances down at a photograph of his wife taped [...]

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