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Tags: Torque

How to choose the Right Gearhead

Provide more Torque at Lower RPMs How to choose the Right Gearhead: The appropriate use of gearing in your motion control application can make it run at lower rpms and provide more torque. Should you decide to use a gearhead, available configurations include an in-line or a right-angle gearhead. You must and also decide whether […]

Pairing Gearheads with Servo Motors

Pairing Gearheads with Servo Motors Machine designers are increasingly turning to gearheads to take advantage of the latest advances in servo motor technology. Essentially, a gearhead converts high-speed, low-torque energy into low-speed, high-torque output. A servo motor provides highly accurate positioning of its output shaft. When pairing gearheads with servo motors, they enhance each other’s […]

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